Why list your aircraft with Bell?

When setting out to choose an aircraft broker there are many factors to consider.  Throughout this proposal we have listed important questions along with Bell Aviation answers.  These questions and answers are provided to help you in your decision process.  If you would like further information, please contact Bell Aviation and we will do all we can to assist you.  We are very pleased to have the opportunity to share our experience and success with you.

What is your record of accomplishment?

This is one of the most important questions to ask a potential broker. The answer will show exactly how active a company has been in a particular market and how expedient they will be in selling your aircraft. Bell Aviation is proud to announce we have sold over 1350 aricraft! This number continues to grow daily giving us valuable experience and knowledge - all available to you!

Are there any distractions, like the operation of a maintenance facility, FBO, or flight/charter departments, which may inhibit a company from completely focusing on the sale of my aircraft?

At Bell Aviation, our number one priority is selling aircraft. All of our energy and resources are dedicated to this ONE goal.

How do you serve the international market?

In 1997, Mr. Ronnie Frank joined the Bell Aviation team.  He has expanded international sales for Bell Aviation due to his ability to fluently speak six different languages and also his vast knowledge of foreign customs.  Ronnie being familiar with these customs allows Bell Aviation to complete the buying and selling process in a much more efficient manner.

Are you able to hangar my aircraft during the selling process?  If I relocate my aircraft to your facility, can you provide qualified crew for requested demo flights?

Bell Aviation has over 24,000 square feet of hangar space capable of storing your aircraft throughout the duration of your agreement with us.  The use of this facility is available at no expense to you.

Do you have more than one office location, enabling you to give better geographic coverage to prospects?

Bell Aviation is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE).  

Do you have maintenance personnel on hand (A&P and I.A.) to complete maintenance or inspections required to close a deal?

Bell Aviation’s Maintenance Staff: 
Bell Aviation has highly qualified A&P and I.A. mechanics.  They are capable of completing most inspections and maintenance required to close the sale of your aircraft.

What types of promotional advertising avenues would you implement to sell my aircraft?

Bell Aviation’s Advertising: 
Bell Aviation employs an in-house professional photographer to produce high quality, exterior and interior shots with exceptional resolution for publications and website ads.  In addition, Bell also employs an in-house advertising director responsible for both print and electronic presentations of your aircraft.

Bell Aviation is constantly evaluating and reviewing effective avenues to market aircraft.  This is a process that is ever changing to adjust to the rapid pace of our world.  Currently we promote aircraft exclusively offered for sale by Bell Aviation in the following avenues:

Bell Aviation maintains a website featuring aircraft photos and specs of all aircraft exclusively brokered by Bell.  We also produce full color brochures of your aircraft for distribution to qualified buyers.  The brochure includes full aircraft specifications, exterior and interior photographs, and performance and maintenance information.  Packages are distributed in both a print and electronic manner to assure promptness in reaching all possible candidates for your aircraft.


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